Royal Canin

I wanted to thank you through this letter,

I was looking for a solution to improve the accessibility of some products in the company I worked for and you help me finding the best solution.
Working with FAV Machines, which is a partner of ASD Systems, was easy. Both of you were listening to my needs and you gave me great advice to build the perfect machine for the company. I was looking for a machine easy to use which send use all the information everyone needs to use it, follow the stock status, customizable and close to the plant to have a quick repair if needed.
After contacting ASD Systems, I was redirected to FAV Machines which is the distributor of ASD Systems for the Benelux region.
The exchanges were made easily and the information given and sent allow me to meet my
expectations. The construction of the project is done little by little and the returns are fast. The
installation and the follow-up went very well and the machine (D1080 Pro) was operational as soon as the installation was competed.
The use is very intuitive and the machine was quickly adopted by all. Also the support is efficient in case of problems.
All this reasons allow me to recommend your company.

 Megan Rochoy

Sneller werken

De ASDSystems D1080 staat in de gang van de productie hal en op elke gewenste moment kunnen medewerkers alle nodige producten nemen. Producten in de automaat zijn 24/7 beschikbaar nadat ze zich eenvoudig aanmelden met hun RFID card. 


De automaat registreert elke actie die uitgevoerd wordt. Er is dus steeds 100% controle op de voorraad en er kan real-time opgevolgd worden hoeveel producten er nog beschikbaar zijn.


Door het systeem aan uw eigen behoeften aan te passen, kunt u limieten, rapporten en toegangseigenschappen instellen,