About As

About as

We are the distributor of ASD Systems

ASD Systems is a Polish manufacturer of innovative industrial life vending machines.

These automated devices enable true-to-person warehousing and are designed for any type of goods, including security products (PPE), tools, support materials, office supplies and consumables - anything that generates costs in manufacturing companies and needs to be under control. 

Both ASD Systems devices and IDS software are produced and developed at headquarters in Bielsko-Biała.

This company has gained extensive experience while executing various projects of automatic distribution applications, guarantees the selection and implementation of the most effective solutions.


- Elimination of downtime and savings of up to 50%

- Available 24 hours a day - products can be picked up regardless of warehouse working hours

- Inventories under control - stock reduction and thorough product flow monitoring

- Reduce product consumption by up to 50% - with full control over the distribution process and the option to set individual limits for each employee

- Instant report generation - the option to create cross-reference lists useful for purchasing, work safety, auditing and accounting departments

- Simplification of supplies - constant access to current stock level

- Save time - minimize time required for employee collection of products

- No mistake - access to each product is assigned to individual employees based on department

Over FAVMachines


Our technical service is available 24 hours a day. Whenever you need us. If your vending machine fails, one of our own technicians will quickly come to your door to solve the problem. Our people in the service center provide a professional installation of all machines and take care of the complete maintenance of the machines with extensive maintenance. We would like to see our machines work carefree. Our technical service likes to visit you often, but ... rather to drink that very good cup of coffee!

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